Frequently asked questions


The corporation makes substantial investments in photovoltaic endeavors globally, specifically in continent such as Africa, Australia, north America and south America where they provide in excess of 100,000 residents with access to solar-generated electricity and wind power and many farms are powered by the energy we provide. The beneficiaries of this energy source are required to remunerate the company via regular payments, from which the investors of the corporation are recompensed.

We have been in existence for 8 years.

We have more than 50,000 investors currently.

Given that the utilization of digital currency as a medium of exchange is more expedient and convenient than traditional wire transfer methods. Most investors would prefer using stable cryptocurrency to invest and being paid their returns in the same cryptocurrency as opposed to the traditional bank wire transfer but in a scenario of large deposit sums over $50M we can recommend a corporate bank or stick with the alternative.