Who We Are

CEFOX Energy manages the build of financeable assets from start-to-finish.


Cefox Energy is African/American leading renewable energy providers. We develop, design, construct and supply renewable energy products and projects in Africa, American and beyond. We also sell, install, maintain and service solar and alternative energy systems of various capacities. Our clients cut across different tiers of government, communities, corporate institutions, educational, professional and private institutions. Registered and incorporated by the Open Corporates Commission in 2015. Cefox Energy believes that there is a better energy future for the world that is renewable, clean and affordable. With a hard-earned reputation for excellent business practices and good products’ quality, Cefox Energy is taking the lead in the renewable energy industry in Africa, Europe and America. Our project team is aided with modern engineering equipment to solve the more complex problems connected with outage and supply as well project execution.


At Cefox our mission is to enable our customers meet the growing global demand for energy while transitioning to a more sustainable and cost-effective reliable technology and investment world.


To be a leading provider of alternative energy solutions and investment in Africa, Europe, America and beyond.


Our INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES, extensive energy experience and an AMBITIOUS STRATEGY to decarbonize global energy systems are all central to our efforts to be the partner and driver of the energy transition.

Are we recognized?

Most Crunch base investments companies are just recognized by 2.5% of the world’s population, that’s quite an impressive percentage of popularity, so we are a spotlight both to our investors and partners that see the need and importance of renewable energy investments, in addition to this we are as well recognized by google and trust pilot too.

The CEFOX Energy Team

Mike Foxley


Mike Foxely is a passionate advocate for sustainability and the clean energy transition with more than 20 years’ experience in the renewables industry.

As Head of Cefox Energy, Mike has led the business from the beginning. Initially driving its significant growth as a division of Fox Energy Limited, leading the business’ first renewable asset acquisition in 2014, to establishing Cefox Energy as a brand company in 2015.

Starting in investment banking, Mike has long had a focus on energy and utilities. He has held senior roles in South Africa and Australia, and has advised on a significant number of successful privatisations, acquisitions, divestments and mergers, including numerous transactions relating to regulated networks as well as renewables.

Rowan Thembele

Data Scientist

Anne Kari Espen

Investment Analysts

Michael Jonathan

Financial Auditor

Charlotte Miller

Chief Financial Officer

John Qiong

Senior Management Consultant

Katherine Meyer

Investment Strategist / Finance Executive

Nova Fox

Senior Investment Analyst

Jan Bakker


Omar Pilcher

VP, Asset Operations & Engineering

Cleta Harvey

Director of Legal Services

Kyle Edwards

Investment Associate

Ernest Morse

Project Analyst

Roger Avila

Investment Associate

Carla Lambright

Senior Accountant

Andrea Mills

VP, Acquisitions & Development

Sandra Mills

Administration Assistant

Herman Conner

Manager of Asset Operations

Leslie Huff

Solar Engineer

Rory Hutchinson

Investment Associate

Christal Cohen

Asset Management Analyst

Eden Finch

Construction Manager